Scooter and Motorbike Rental FAQ

Here are a selection of frequent questions that we are asked by our customers interested in renting a motorcycle or scooter.

Deliveroo, Uber & Business Riders
Please note that all of our rental packages are for personal use and cannot be used for business purposes.

Do you offer one day rentals?

We do offer short term rentals, however there is a minimum of 2-day charge.

Is there a deposit required?

Yes. For both short term and long term rentals we require a £700 deposit on a credit or debit card.

Will you carry out a credit check before I takeout a long term rental?

We will not carry out a full credit check against you, however we will carry out a driving licence check and a reference check against the Police National Computer.

What payment methods do you accept?

All monthly payment are made via a Direct Debit agreement which is setup at the beginning of your contract. Short term rentals can be paid by credit or debit card or cash.

Do I need a bank account?

For long term rentals – Yes, as we require all payment to be paid via Direct Debt, a bank account is required.

What is the minimum age to apply for a rental package?

18 years of age. However if you are 16-17 years old we are happy to setup a rental agreement in a parent / guardians name.

Can I cancel my rental agreement halfway through the contract?

You can cancel your agreement at any point during the rental period, however you will be required to pay the remaining payment on your contract.

What is the excess if I have an accident?

There is an excess of up to £700, payable upon an accident.

I would like to add a top box, handlebar muff and leg cover. Can you add these to my long term package?

Yes, please discuss the accessories you require with a member of our Sales Team.

Do you rent motorcycles over 125cc?

Yes, we always have a variety of vehicles suitable for rental. Please contact us for a current stock list.

Does the insurance cover my partner to ride the bike?

If there is going to be more than one person riding your rental bike we must be informed at the time of setting up your agreement. We have to ensure that the additional riders details are added to our insurance policy. Please be aware that there maybe an additional charge for adding more riders.

I’ve broken down, what should I do?

Between 8am – 5pm (Monday – Saturday), please get in contact with us directly. Outside of these times please use the out of hours recovery service number that you will be given at the time of setting up your agreement.

Terms & Conditions

Please access and read our full Rental Terms & Conditions.